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Why Tin Lizzie? Because it was my lovely mums nickname as a child, from my grandad. So the connection with paint tins fitted perfectly. I then delved further into the meaning and found that Tin Lizzie was also a nickname of one of the very first Ford motor cars...

Despite its initial humble appearance, the Model T became the most influential car of the 20th century.

Many also may know Henry Ford's Model T by its nickname, the "Tin Lizzie," but you may not know why the Model T is called the Tin Lizzie and how it got its nickname.

In the early 1900s, car dealers would try to create publicity for their new automobiles by hosting car races. In 1922 a championship race was held in Pikes Peak, Colorado. Entered as one of the contestants was Noel Bullock and his Model T, named "Old Liz."

Since Old Liz looked the worse for wear, as it was unpainted and lacked a hood, many spectators compared Old Liz to a tin can. By the start of the race, the car had the new nickname of "Tin Lizzie."

But to everyone's surprise, Tin Lizzie won the race. Having beaten even the most expensive other cars available at the time, Tin Lizzie proved both the durability and speed of the Model T.

“Tin Lizzie" is still most associated with the Model T, but the term is used colloquially today to describe a small, cheap car that looks like it is in a beat-up condition.

But keep in mind that looks can be deceiving.

To "go the way of the Tin Lizzie" is a phrase that refers to something outdated that has been replaced by a newer and better product, or even a belief or behaviour.

Tin Lizzie’s home is Lovejoys in Cambridge Street Cleethorpes, we are also selling in The Original Emporium, Cleethorpes and Damselfly in Louth. When we are able, and COVID regulations permit, we will have the facilities to upcycle your outdated furniture, and provide workshops to teach to go the way of the Tin Lizzie!