Introducing Frenchic’s fantastic range of green furniture paint, perfect for all your upcycling and renovation needs. Whether you’re an enthusiast or professional, our light green and dark green furniture paint can help you transform cabinets, tables, chairs or something more intricate.

Choose from a range of shades varying from the lightest pastel greens to deep dark green furniture paint. Then apply to whatever surface you need. Our multi-purpose green furniture paints adhere to wood, uPVC, metal, laminate and composites. Paint indoors with Artisan and Lazy products, or outdoors with the Al Fresco collection.

The unique formula in our Al Fresco and Lazy range makes them self-priming, self-sealing and self-levelling, so there’s minimal work involved beforehand and afterwards. Even better, our green furniture paint products use minimal VOCs, so there’s virtually no smell. With EN:71-3 certification, you can even use them on kids’ toys and furniture.