Before beginning your painting projects it is always good practice to prepare your piece beforehand. The rule of thumb is to give it a good clean with Sugar Soap, applying liberally using a sponge or absorbent cloth. Work from the bottom of the surface to the top to avoid run lines. Rinse with fresh water and allow to dry completely before applying a light sand all over the surface of your item. This will give the paint a key to adhere to and ensure longevity of your hard work. 

This fabulous aged unit has been given a unique make over in the Tin Lizzie studio using Al Fresco SMUDGE. It fits beautifully in this room with the Frenchic Wall Paint colours.  To the right of the unit is the lovely Parchment from the Wall Paint Range. And in the background, through the mirror, you’ll see the beautiful colour of Gentleman’s Club, also from the Wall Paint Range.

Did you know that just ONE LITTLE 250ml Dinky from the Al Fresco Range will be more than enough to give your uPVC, PVC, composite or wooden doors the ‘WOW’ factor? Yep, true story! I have painted my front door in the lovely GREYHOUND, and what a result I was so pleased with the coverage over the surface as, at the time, I thought Frenchic Paint could only be used over wrong was I!!

Frenchic’ing your front door can only be done in temperatures above 10 degrees, throughout the day and night.


CITY SLICKER A delightful light grey for cabinets, chairs and even kitchen tiles!


A class act of cool grey, SWANKY PANTS! The lightest grey in the Al Fresco range has transformed this old bedside table from dull and unloved, to fresh and new. 





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