Frenchic Greens

We are excited to be showing you a delicious array of beautiful Green paints today.

Create a statement piece with Al Fresco’s Constance Moss. This unique green is ideal for indoor or outdoor furniture as part of our weatherproof Al Fresco range.  Hazel, from the Frenchic Fan Forum has allowed us to share her beautifully painted front door, and what a great job she’s done too.

Low VOC, hard-wearing and suitable for outdoor use. Mermaid for a Day is an aqua-inspired light green that paints like a dream, inside or out.

Wise Old Sage, a timeless green enhancing the beauty of the great outdoors.

As with our indoor paint, the Al Fresco Collection is EN:71-3 certified meaning safe to paint children’s toys, it has little to no odour with very low VOC content. It is hard wearing, weatherproof with a robust and chalk finish and of course, it paints like a dream!

Apple of My Eye - Light Green Chalk Furniture Paint.

Frenchic is bringing the inside out with this durable, weatherproof chalk paint range specifically developed to protect and transform your garden furniture but perfectly fabulous for indoors too!

Make your furniture pop with a rich British racing green. Victory Lane is a hit indoors and outdoors too.

Wedgewood Green anyone? We say YES PLEASE!


Frenchic Furniture Paint has no hidden nasties (in fact all our ingredients are written on the can). It is an all natural, chalk and mineral paint that requires no stirring, shaking or the addition of water.

What a wonderful selection, what’s your favourite green?

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