Brush Marks

How to avoid brush marks when painting with Frenchic paint.

All our paints should be applied with an average amount on the brush, no more no less. Three things affect brush marks, application of paint, pressure, and angle of the brush. When using an oval brush, you need to ensure it's raised to around 75-80 degrees, so it is pivoting on the end of the brush head, and not angle so that the outer bristles are creating marks.

♥️ Don’t apply too much pressure!

Pressure and brush angle have more of an effect than the amount of paint used.

♥️ Don’t paint in direct sunlight as the paint will dry too quickly.

If you’re painting from a tin, decant into something smaller and shallow. This keeps the tin clean and contents fresh (and prevents build up of paint when replacing the lid) this way you are not over dunking the brush.